Kingston Nissan’s Service Department Will Diagnose and Repair All Makes And Models

We provide Kingston with the best Nissan service department in the region, providing Nissan factory approved oil changes and maintenance for all makes and models.  If your car is having issues that aren’t covered under warranty, we fix these repairs at a fraction of the cost of your new car dealership.  And when it’s time for new tires and brakes, we deliver unbeatable pricing and access to all major tire brands.

And best of all, we listen! Do you have an idea? Do you need special arrangements? At Kingston Nissan’s Service Department we pride ourselves on servicing our customers as well as servicing your car. And the more we find out about what works best for you, the closer we are to performing at our peak.

Need Some Help With A Service Concern?

Are you wondering why the light on your dash is flashing? Is there something rattling in your engine? Contact us online for instant, free professional advice. We have more answers than Google! Our Kingston Nissan Service Department professionals will answer your service questions before you know it, and you can drive your car without a concern in the world.