Interesting Facts About Winter Tires – The Pros of Winter Tires in Kingston


Installing winter tires from Kingston Nissan will provide you and your passengers with an extra level of safety this upcoming winter. Snow tires are made of a softer rubber, this allows them to keep their flexibility in colder weather and creates more grip to the road.

Snow tires will help you …

  • Stop Better in the Ice and Snow
    Winter Tires can reduce your stopping distance by up to 25%. That’s an average of two to three car lengths.
  • Increase the Control and Safety of Your Vehicle
    Installing Winter Tires will provide your vehicle with an increased level of control, traction, and performance during colder weather.
  • All-Season Tires Were Never Meant to Replace Winter Tires
    All-season tires were not engineered for all four Canadian seasons. When first developed in the 1980s’, all-season tires were meant to give drivers a reasonable compromise for spring, summer, and autumn. They were never designed to be a substitute for a true winter tire and the snowy conditions they are built to handle. Although most all-season tires have a M+S (Mud and Snow) rating, they do not meet the Severe Winter Service Traction Standard.
  • Having Winter Tires Will Save You Money
    First of all, driving with Winter Tires will reduce your risk of costly accidents and collisions. Your all-season tires will last longer, saving a large amount of winter wear and tear. Automotive insurance companies in Ontario are mandated by law to provide a discount to people with winter tires installed.
  • Materials Meant to Operate in the Winter
    Winter Tires are built with softer rubber compounds to maintain both malleability and grip at low temperatures. By adding silica and other materials to the tread, a winter tire will provide additional traction on wet road conditions.