Save Big This Holiday Season With Trevor Cotton-Claus

trevorThis sales event has now ended
On MICRA, on Sentra, Versa, on Rogue!

What’s that in the driveway? Can it be? Trevor Cotton-Claus. Is it really you?

Ho Ho; Heeellllooo Kingston. Trevor Cotton-Claus is here from Kingston Nissan. Santa may deliver gifts to good boys and girls by way of reindeer, but we prefer to travel in style.

Wow, look at all those ‘Reingears’ and all on sale for the holidays. Right now you can unwrap one of eight different brand new 2017 Rogues, even one with third-row seating. Plus, my gift to you; get 0% financing on any of my 2016 ‘Reingears’. MICRA, Sentra, Versa, Rogue and Pathfinder all for 0% for the holidays.

Wow, Trevor Cotton Claus, these deals are really going to sleigh. It’s all happening now, so you better Jingle all the Way to Kingston Nissan at 775 Gardiners Road.
Merry BOOM-MAS Everyone!