Myths That We’ve Debunked About Your Car

Let’s have some fun.  There are some common myths out there about what vehicles can do and how to maintain them. We’ve decided to take 10 different car myths, break them down for you and debunk them.

Driving a manual transmission is better for fuel mileage
For years this was actually 100 percent true, but over the years the automatic transmission has improved. In recent years we’ve seen automatic transmission technology such as the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) actually make stick drivers pay a little more at the pump. This is why Nissan has introduced the CVT across theirnew Nissan car line up.

If you’re planning a high-speed getaway you just use jet fuel
Now, to be fair; we typically don’t use jet fuel at our Kingston new car dealership.Let’s pretend you needed to get somewhere and get there fast. If you believe Hollywood and watch movies such as The Fast and the Furious, the most logical way to get some speed would be to power up your car with jet fuel.

Seems like a good idea, right?

No. Your vehicle would actually not work. Jet fuel contains kerosene; it’s great for jets, but a car’s engine cannot combust it. A New Jersey gas station accidentally filled their pumps with jet fuel, and some of their customers filled up with the kerosene laced jet fuel before the mistake was discovered. Needless to say, they were not making any high-speed getaways; or making it home on time.

Your car may explode if you’re in a movie-style gun battle
We’ve seen it in the movies thousands of times. Someone fires a gun at a car’s fuel tank and the car instantly explodes. It may look awesome on the screen, but it wouldn’t look so fantastic in real-life.Here’s what would really happen: even the best-aimed bullet would simply pass right through the car’s fuel tank. No fuel ignition and no explosion. It would cause you to have a leak in your gas tank which would be a real pain, but no epic explosions. Just a trip to the local car repair shop.

Using your phone at the gas pump can trigger an explosion
You’ve seen the ‘no cell phone’ sign while getting gas. Answering that important text while pumping gas could result in a deadly explosion, right?Well, not really. The American-run Federal Communications Commission investigated this well-known theory that the fuel’s vapors combined with a cellphone’s wireless signal ignite the vapors and explodes. The study concluded that there was no documented evidence to suggest using a mobile device near a fuel pump would result in an explosion. Also, they found no scientific links between fuel vapor, wireless signals, and explosions.

You can save money if you get your gas in the morning
The science of this myth does make sense on the surface. It’s colder in the morning; therefore liquids such as gasoline and diesel are more condensed. According to your elementary school science teacher, this should mean you get a greater volume of fuel for your money, right?Well, not exactly. Your science teacher was right, the science does make sense. Fuel at the gas station is stored under the ground. Liquids stored under the ground don’t really vary in temperature. It’s like having a cold shower; the water will be cold at any time of the day from an underground well. The fuel you fill your tank with in the morning will be at the same temperature as it is in the afternoon. Sleep in and fill up later in the day if you wish.

Hiding behind a car in a gun fight will protect you
First of all, let’s be clear. We’re a Kingston Ontario dealership and we know that gun fights are a bad idea. But, how many times have you seen people using their car as a shield in a movie gun fight?Your car would actually offer some protection; some bullets may be stopped by your car’s steel body. Cars are far from bullet-proof and a bullet fired from a gun is more likely to travel through your car than not. It’s better to look at your car as a way to hide, not to stop bullets. Hiding behind a big rock is much more effective, but doesn’t look as cool in a movie.

Using off-brand fuel can hurt your car
Not to mention any specific brands, but some larger gas station chains have additives in their fuel which they advertise. These additives are advertised to do things such as make your engine run cleaner, get more power, make your vehicle run better in winter and countless other advantages. It’s nearly impossible to analyze each gas company and their claims and perhaps there is some real science behind their marketing.

We do know that buying off-brand fuel will not hurt your vehicle. Fuel sold at any gas station must meet specific standards; therefore any manufacturer recommended fuel will make your vehicle run without causing harm.

Electric vehicles are more likely to catch on fire in the event of a crash
Many people will tell you that electric vehicles are more likely to catch on fire in the event of a crash than conventional cars. Both, gas-powered and electric vehicles are capable of catching on fire in a crash. There’s been lots of testing done and there’s no scientific evidence to prove electric cars are more dangerous.

People driving red cars get pulled over more than anyone else
Having a red car is asking for trouble, right? No, but owning a Mercedes-Benz SL-Class convertible probably is. There is no statistical evidence that suggests red cars get pulled over more than any other coloured vehicle. The data does suggest that specific vehicles catch police officer’s attention more than others. A study published by Forbes found the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class convertible to be the most ticketed vehicle. Considering how fast this car goes, we shouldn’t be surprised.

Circuses trick us by using trap doors when they stuff a bunch of clowns into a small car
It’s common trick at the circus. A bunch clowns stuff into a small car, it’s a trick that’s been amusing audience for decades. There’s some that claim it’s nothing more than a circus conspiracy. They accuse the circus of installing trap doors in cars. While no one can say for certain, the International Clown Hall of Fame and Research Center claims this sleight of hand theory is 100 percent false.Although, they do admit to removing everything they possibly can from the car, it’s really just a matter of stuffing a bunch of clowns in a car; no fancy illusions.