Pokemon Go Could Make Driving More Dangerous

Pokemon Go is taking over Kingston. Hoards of phone staring people are travelling the city hunting for new characters to add to their collections. The mobile phenomenon has already crept into the city and the app hasn’t even been officially launched yet.

We’ve actually been finding some of these creatures on our lots.

There are a lot of positives that Pokemon Go offers. It seems to be getting people outside and walking more than they usually do. Businesses throughout the US and Canada are seeing spikes in foot-traffic since the app was officially (or unofficially) launched. Increased pedestrian traffic combined with hot weather has drummed up some additional business for restaurants, hot dog stands, along with some local watering holes.

Here’s the reality. The Pokemon Go is going to be popular for the foreseeable future. Nintendo estimates that Pokemon Go has been downloaded more than Tinder and is approaching the download rate of Twitter.

Police and city officials around the country have warned people playing to be aware of their surroundings, also for drivers to be more alert. Someone walking while starting their phone looking for that rare Pokemon could be putting themselves at serious harm.

While driving around town the temptation may strike to pull out your phone and search for the Pokemon whizzing around in the area. Everyone is well aware of the dangers associated with using a mobile device while driving; Pokemon Go is no different. There’s already been one report of a Pokemon related car accident in Washington State, police forces throughout the US and Canada have been using social media to warn people of the consequences related to distracted driving.

Pokemon Go is making people more active and it’s even providing more opportunities for social interaction with strangers. There’s even been some increased revenue for local business owners. Although fun, it’s important to exercise caution when walking or driving.