Hello, Kingston! In celebration of Canada’s 150th summer, we’ve already got our party hats and horns ready to celebrate. At Kingston Nissan, we’re excited to celebrate Canada’s 150th birt...Read More

Our Famous BOGO Sale Is Back for a Limited-Time Only It’s now May and we have some A-MAY-ZING deals that will make getting a new Nissan that much more affordable. We’ve Heard You, and We...Read More

Hello Kingston, Trevor Cottontail here from Kingston Nissan. Lend us your ears for a minute, we have some Eggcellent changes coming soon. Here’s what’s hopping at Kingston Nissan. We’ve dec...Read More


Helllooo Kingston! It’s the New Year and the perfect time to get a new Nissan. Think about it; New Year, new you, new Nissan! Right now get no charge all-wheel drive on the newly redesigned 201...Read More


Imagine pulling into a shop and instantly knowing what’s happening with your car. It may sound like something from Star Trek but at Kingston Nissan its real life. We’re pleased to announce ou...Read More


Your battery will be put to the test during the winter months. Nothing is worse than your car not starting in the morning when you’re about to head to work.  It almost feels like your car batt...Read More

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